White Water Pro Kids Light Blue Camo With Grey Synthetic Lambswool Lining
White Water Pro Kids Light Blue Camo With Grey Synthetic Lambswool Lining
White Water Pro Kids Light Blue Camo With Grey Synthetic Lambswool Lining
White Water Pro Kids Light Blue Camo With Grey Synthetic Lambswool Lining

White Water Pro Kids Light Blue Camo With Grey Synthetic Lambswool Lining

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The White Water Pro Kids Robes were designed to be an affordable alternative to existing similar products, whilst being stylish, functional and manufactured to a very high quality.

As a parent, are you fed up hearing your children constantly complaining about being cold and struggling to get changed?... The White Water Pro Kids Robe is the fast fix solution to this. The White Water Pro Kids Robes will motivate your kids to get outside whatever the weather.

The design has constantly evolved to better suit customers’ needs. Our mission was to design a high quality, functional and stylish robe that is durable, and able to provide you with maximum comfort in the most extreme conditions. I think we can safely say after strenuous testing and critical feedback, that we have achieved this.

The functional design allows you to get changed quickly and easily, whilst protecting you from the elements.

Increase your child’s love of the outdoors!

  • Thick heavy-duty outer shell, that is waterproof and windproof
  • Very warm and soft synthetic lambswool inner lining, allowing for utmost comfort
  • Deep outside zipped pockets
  • Internal zipped pocket- perfect for storing essentials
  • Velcro cuffs
  • Two-Way waterproof and non-corrosive zip
  • Light and easily foldable construction
  • Large fleeced hood
  • Long sleeved
  • Thick outer shell acts as a duvet, keeping you warm in the harshest of conditions
  • Inner lining is made up of synthetic lambswool, which is luxurious, warm, and soft, whilst being very effective at drawing water away from the skin
  • Use continuously without ever feeling wet or cold
  • Keep your spirits high whilst preserving your energy from the protection of the elements
  • Keep your body temperature and muscles warm, allowing you to achieve the most from your sport
  • Deep outside zipped pockets, keeping your hands warm
  • Internal zipped pocket, perfect for storing your phone or wallet
  • Velcro cuffs for a tailored and adjustable fit
  • The heavy-duty two-way zip is salt and fresh water resistant, and allows for easy entry and exit.
  • Light, and easily foldable, allowing for easy transportation
  • Can be worn over clothing or wetsuit
  • Loose enough fit to get changed underneath without being restrictive
The White Water robes are supposed to be an oversize style fit. They are designed to be loose enough to allow you get changed underneath freely, or wear over the top of clothing.

Please check out the following size guide to find the optimal size for you:

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Wendy Eggleston
Great beach robes and ideal for camping too!

We love these robes! Kids throw them on over the swimmers to go to the beach and they keep them warm and cosy after swimming or even when it gets at bit chilly at the campsite on an evening. Well worth the money.

Robin Walker
Nice product for kids and adults

We all have them! The pale blue camo with grey lining is the favourite! Lovely quality and at an affordable price compared to similar robes on the market.

Annabel Merchant
Highly reccomended!

I bought this robe for my son who loves swimming in the sea and surfing. It was the best purchase and great value for money compared to other brands. Functionable but looks great too! Ordered on Tuesday and arrived on Friday morning.

Diana Thorpe
Super product for my children.

I purchased two kids robe for my daughter and son in blue camo and black camo. They have worn them almost daily over the half term whilst on the beach and surfing. The black camo has a towelling lining which is not as cosy and soft as the lambswool lining but helps with drying which is great for my son, I'm going to get one for myself. A very good purchase.

Claire Morris
Great purchase

My Kids love them, they wear them down the beach all the time when going surfing

Makes it so much easy for them whilst getting changed, and helps keep them warm after getting out the water.

I could not recommend more for anyone who has Kids who love the beach and the sea

Increase your love of the outdoors with the White Water Robe