We create the best and most stylish changing robes, influenced by ideas of our target audience, whilst causing minimal impact to our environment.

At White Water, we strive to design the best-performing, most functional, and stylish changing robes for outdoor enthusiasts. We are committed to minimising our environmental impact, so sustainability is also at the forefront of our designs.

I, Louis the founder, have always been passionate about surfing and sea swimming since a very young age. I've grown up in Guernsey, so I have always been surrounded by the sea, and spent countless hours surfing and swimming. At 18, I realised that there was lots of room to improve the changing robes which were on the market, as they did not meet my needs. As part of my business university course in Bristol, I was inspired to start my own venture, founding White Water Robes in 2020.

Over the last three years, I have spoken to lots of different types of outdoor enthusiasts to understand their needs and preferences. I wanted to design the perfect changing robe that would make a real difference in the lives of surfers, swimmers, and general outdoor lovers. 

After lots of samples and strenuous testing, I finally feel that we have achieved our vision of designing the changing robes you wish existed. We take great pride in offering our customers the best possible experience. We believe that having the right gear is essential for enjoying outdoor activities, and our changing robes are designed to do just that.