Care Instructions

The White Water Pro Robe does not need to be machine washed frequently. If it gets dirty rather than machine washing it, instead dampen it with a wet sponge or shake it to remove sand or mud. Due to the waterproof outer shell fabric, washing the robe regularly could age the robe, this is the same with all waterproof clothing. The robe works the same whether it is clean or covered in mud, so you could just simply leave your dirty robe to dry between uses at room temperature. Never expose the robe to heat sources, as this could damage the inner lining by causing it to lose its warming and quick-drying properties. All this said, the robe is still machine washable. 

You wash both the synthetic lambswool and cotton terry lined robes the same.

There are washing instructions on the label inside the robe, stating what you can and can't do.
 Washing Instructions:
  • Machine cold wash on a delicate cycle. Cold water wash by hand is recommended if possible.
  • Wash with similar colours
  • Do not tumble dry, instead hang up and leave to dry at room temperature.
  • Use a non-bio powder
  • Do not dry clean or iron